€  19.000.000


  Bedrooms: 6         Bathrooms: 6               Total SqFt  12,142

In Rome, the most famous Roman road whose remains have remained, the Appia Antica, and the importance of which is confirmed by his nickname given to him by the Romans: Queen of Roads, offer for sale a beautiful villa of noble and royal importance, designed from the famous Roman studio Busiri Vici architecture. Located in the most romantic stretch of this road, 300 meters from the tomb of Cecilia Metella and only 15 minutes from the Colosseum, the property expresses an immediate appeal since its first impact, when treading the cobblestones of the noble path and looking for a dignified entry and impressive one is surprised by the fact that the inputs are three, characterized by three small doors that nothing presage about the uniqueness of the dwelling to an outsider it appears anonymous and silent. The three ports each have their own meaning access while being very similar to each other; the main entrance leads to the main entrance featuring a patio with basalt cave in relief and mosaic floor made from old original Roman tiles of floral design, a classic era, aimed at making a "carpet" effect very striking, a truly breathtaking spectacle. The other two provide access in a more familiar to the property entering its intimate part, in a courtyard of a corridor with easy access to the kitchen and the other to the park with immediate views of the pool, heated to make the pleasure of the bath during the mild winter of the eternal city. The boundary of the property is developed at an angle, involving also because of the Cinque Torri, embarked turning from the Appia Antica; once we find the driveway from which you are immersed in the park and you enter immediately into the large garage ready to accommodate more machines (you immediately appreciate the feeling of being well integrated in the park, to the point of not realizing the magnitude of the garage). I got out of the car does not seem true to be in Rome, the first feeling is that of being in a park surrounded by nature, the sounds do not exist except some animal background. A small boulevard that runs along the elegant swimming pool, leading directly to the house showing, as positioned on an underlying Roman basalt quarry (then used to derive the material adapted to the road surface), which makes high, a panorama on green breathtaking, even the responsibility of herms, columns and vases, peeking around every corner enriching it with a flavor of ancient invoking the memory of what has been this enchanted place. The house, built on 700 square meters, is on two floors: the noble part of representation on the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper floor (served by two staircases and an elevator) with six rooms and 5 bathrooms. No shortage fascinating and particular environments, like a additional dining room (also communicating with the kitchen and built in a former Roman room in tuff time whose mosaic floor made from genuine cards, is a Medusa's head), a study - library (overlooking the pool and the park), the tea in the conservatory 50s garden room, a room for the projection of films and seven fireplaces located in the various rooms of the house. Out into the garden makes the perception of going for a walk in the park, an area of bout two hectares lying on two levels but seamless, thanks to a hilly slope crossed by a bodywork avenue basalt that lets achieve a Loft 600 sqm in front of a huge lawn English style (its size also makes feasible the placement of a runway for helicopters landing). Walking in the park you do not expect to find the loft, as it is integrated into the natural surroundings. Can also be accessed by way of the Metelli giving to this structure can be thought of as an independent or truly separate and distinct. Now residence destined to luxury receptions can turn into a real independent villa enriched by the charm of being able to find access to the former Roman basalt quarry, well hidden from the careful and attentive vegetation. Interesting to note that for the realization of some floors of the loft were chosen teak planks of a ship laid up. It'd think that such a place has definitely been able to help the well-known film producer Carlo Ponti in his film ideations inspiring serenity of his wife Sophia Loren and all the guests who attended the year, from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor, by the artist Franco angels with Marina Lante della Rovere at the Kirk Douglas family, Silvana Mangano Dino de Laurentis and Alberto Sordi.